About Us

Tin Shed Sports is your launching pad for adventure. We are a locally owned and managed bike, ski, and skateboard shop.

Our Shop is located in downtown Nederland, Colorado and is adjacent to some of the best roads and trails Colorado has to offer. Eldora Ski Area is just 10 minutes away, and the Nathan Lazarus Skateboard Park is right around the corner.  Our shop adheres to the philosophy of “Try Before You Buy.”   As such, we offer up the most comprehensive mountain bike and performance ski demo fleet anywhere in Colorado featuring brands such as Specialized and Rocky Mountain mountain bikes, and Rossignol, Head, Dynafit, LaSportiva, and Blizzard Skis.  Additionally, we also carry Anti-hero, SantaCruz, Toy Machine, Creature, and Flip skateboard decks and accessory’s.

Along with our partner, Salto Coffee Works, we are Nederland’s community gathering place.

Tin Shed Sports

112 East 2nd Street
Nederland, CO 80466
  • Sunday, Monday, Thursday 7:00 am — 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 7:00 am — 7:00 pm

(303) 258-3509


  • Josh Harrod Profile Picture

    Josh Harrod

    The Management

    Before becoming the Manager at Tin Shed Sports, Josh just mostly sat around and grew facial hair while hot boxing his van.  Josh likes to collect stamps, one of a kind trucker hats, and is President of the local Miley Cyrus Fan Club.  His favorite color is baby blue, but if you ask him he’ll tell you it’s black because that appears more manly.  He sometimes shaves his legs too high and eats a lot of squirrel meat that he catches in his backyard with his hand-made snare trap.  He secretly owns a chain that goes to his wallet and a fixie with lime green rims.

  • Chris Bondus Profile Picture

    Chris Bondus

    Service Manager

    Chris is the current FNG and service manager at Tin Shed Sports. He comes to us from Northern California and moved to the mountains because he hates oxygen and loves wind. He’s been doing the “bike industry” thing his whole working life — somewhere along the way he picked up a USAC Professional Race Mechanic license, Shimano, SRAM and RockShox factory training certs, and an unnecessary amount of knowledge about lube (thanks to his former career — we’ll leave that one intentionally wide open). He likes puppies, steel bikes, weird handlebars, mid-ride whiskey stops, and wool socks. He’s a reformed leg shaver, wears baggies on the road, eats a lot of red licorice, and has been known to occasionally ride a bmx bike. He loves suspension work and wheel building, knows way too much about TT bikes, and can tell you precisely how loud to turn up your headphones to make that bottom bracket creak go away.