Our first-hand knowledge of trails, roads, routes and connectors make us the unequivocal experts for local knowledge.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.04.09 PMMost likely, the staff at Tin Shed Sports rode or skied the trail in the morning that you have a question about.  Our first-hand knowledge of trails, roads, routes, and connectors make us the unequivocal experts for local knowledge.  We also keep you up to date on trail conditions and closures, as well as pick out the best trail for your ability.  Stop on by and talk trails with us – we promise we won’t bite!


  • Ride it, Live it, Love it


    So here’s the deal…  Nederland tends to be 15 to 18 degrees cooler than down the hill.  That’s why it’s so money right now and you don’t even know it.  Trails are in awesome shape right now; the higher up you go the better!  And don’t forget on the return trip to check out Salto’s “bucket of beers” for $8.  Enjoy a bucket on the patio today!  Peace out.

  • It's so game on


    No reason not to ride up here this weekend….  trails are perfect, weather is perfect, and the post ride Salto patio is bringing the “A” game with a bucket of Corona’s for $8.  It’s kinda like getting a burger animal style at IN-n-OUT…  Just ask for the bucket and you will get the hook up.  Not really advertised – but it’s there if you know.  And now you do.

  • Snow-be-gone


    It appears that the white blanket of goodness is gone – at least up to 10,000.  The top of bus is still a bit swampy – and there are for sure a lot of tree blow-downs – but the trail is oh-so-good.  East Mag is a go; do it now before it gets dusty.  Mud Lake Area is on-point, but Sherwood Trail needs another week to dry out (Reload is good though),  There is still a little bit of gravel on the peak to peak highway, but if you’re into the road thing get on up to Brainard before the gate opens (which might be next weekend).  What are you waiting for?  Get it!

  • More Updated Update


    Our friends from Peak 2 Peak Trail Conditions writes:  FS 505 is probably gonna need a few more weeks of “Spring” weather before she’s good to go…a few downed trees, some puddles, and a sizable boulder early on, then plenty of snow at 9600′. For you motorized folks: the trailhead gate is closed in Eldora and we’re still skiing from the parking lot at the top of Caribou…that means no-go for the time being.

    In other news, West and East Mag are firing on all cylinders.

  • The Day After Memorial Day Update


    Of course, now that the 3-day weekend has passed it’s fantastic outside.  Sunny this morning, a per-dawn ride ruled!  Hero dirt conditions, with a hint of pine and cool air.  Do I really live here?  Hurry up and get your work over with and then come out for some great live music tonight at Salto.  Did you know you can now buy a bucket of 6 Corona beers for $8 at Salto?  Peace.

  • Trail News


    We’ve been getting a lot of calls asking about trail conditions – as of today (May 25th) most of the lower trails are once again clear of snow; however there are still patches of mud and snow to encounter.  The snow is melting off fast, but it should still be a day to two before anything is clear – we are hoping by Memorial Day Weekend.  If you do find yourself riding up here, please do not go off the trail…  Thanks!  Stay posted; we will update soon…



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