Mountain Bike: West Magnolia Trails

Mountain Bike: West Magnolia Trails

The West Magnolia Trails System is quite the amalgamation of trails. This network offers a variety of trails with difficulty ranging from beginner to epically insane.

Difficulty: Four out of Five

Length: 4.05 mi

Some of our favorites in this system of networked trails include:

Bus ‘n Shack
We recommend this as a downhill trail, accessing the top via FS Road 105. If you choose to climb this trail, you must scream “Shaka Brah” at the top of your lungs the entire climb to alert downhill traffic that you’re coming. There are a few entrances to this trail, but if you want to ride the whole way, you need to climb all the way to the Super Circle.

Habitrail (aka Hobbits)
This may be the twistiest section of trail in the world. Due to the recent fuels treatment work, you will occasionally find yourself weaving through an open field…but on the bright side, the views are amazing. If you’re looking for some fun intermediate trails though, Hobbit 1, 2, and 3 are perfect.

This trail was formerly know as Root Canal but due to private property issues it was rerouted. Hence the name ReRoot. Post fuels treatment is has been realigned in places again. I wonder if we should call it ReReRoot? It starts on the left (south) as you start down West Mag road from the Peak 2 Peak. It is full of little features including rock obstacles, berms, and jumps.

How’s Your Aspen Alley 
eBrake approved as one of the coolest climbs/descents in the West Magnolia area. You used to be completely surrounded by thick aspen groves – now slightly thinner due to the fuels treatment work. A great way to connect Peak to Peak to the Haul Rd parking area.

Sugar Mag
The recommended route to access the West Magnolia network of trails, from Nederland. Slightly technical in spots, it provides for a challenging climb or exciting descent.

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