Avalanche Safety Kit Rental

Tin Shed Avalanche Safety Kit RentalBeing a responsible member of a backcountry trip requires that you have an avalanche safety kit on hand, knowledge of its use, and the ability to deploy it at a moments notice. If you or a party that you will be heading into the backcountry is in need of a Avy kit, we’re happy to rent out one of our demo kits. Our kits include a BCA Stash 20 pack/ a beacon, a shovel, and a probe
Avalanche Safety Kit Rental:  Pack/Beacon/Shovel/Probe


You are solely responsible for the decisions you make and actions you take in the backcountry. Your decisions could save lives or end your life and the lives of others. The burden is on you to educate yourself as to the risks of avalanche and what you can do to mitigate the chances that you or those in your party are caught in an avalanche.

Purchasing, Renting, or Demo’ing an Avalanche Safety Kit from Tin Shed Sports or any other sporting goods supplier in no way lessens the risk of injury or death to you or others. It only serves to assist in the rescue and recovery process should you or others be involved in an avalanche. 

Get Avalanche Educated:
If you do not have your Avy 1 certification, we strongly encourage you to get that education before proceeding into the backcountry.

Current Avalanche Conditions:
Regardless of current condition, the risk of avalanche exists on any slope that holds snow. Travel smart and always be willing to turn back.