Bike Service

Bike Services

We offer the majority of our bike service “ala carte” based off of our hourly rate. Below you’ll find a few of our most common service items. We prefer to quote out every bike individually prior to beginning any work; meaning your bike gets exactly what it needs and you don’t pay a penny more than you should. And since we know you’re going to ask...a typical “tune up” usually runs between $55 and $100.

*prices do not include parts



Shop Service Rate


Suspension Fork Service (Oil change, air spring service & dust wiper replacement)


Suspension Fork Overhaul (Above items, plus complete tear down & damper service)


Rear Shock Air Can Service


Dropper Seatpost Service


Hydraulic Brake Bleed (per brake, includes fluid)


Assemble Complete Bike from Box


Tubeless Tire Setup


Wheel Builds (per wheel)



Suspension Setup

You spent a lot of your hard earned money on that new full suspension bike - let’s make sure it’s dialed before you hit the trail! Tin Shed Sports offers two types of suspension setup to suit your needs.

Static Suspension Setup - $30

This is the basic, in-shop, make sure it goes up and down like it’s supposed to service. Plan on around 30 minutes with one of our techs, in the shop , going over the basic settings and functions of your fork and shock. After that, you’ll be able to hit the trail knowing your bike is set at the correct baseline settings with a basic understanding of what each lever, switch, and knob does to the overall ride quality. Static suspension sessions are conducted on a one-on-one basis. Static setup is included with any full suspension bike purchased at Tin Shed Sports. We’ll also include a brief follow-up consultation with any Static Suspension Setup session once you’ve ridden the bike a few times and have gotten a feel for the new settings.  

Dynamic Suspension Setup & Tuning - $150/person (can be booked for 1 to 3 people)

This is an in-depth, on-bike approach to dialing in both the bike and your knowledge of suspension design and function. These sessions last about 90-120 minutes and can be performed in groups of 1 to 3 riders. We start with the basic, static setup in the shop, then head out on a trail ride together to a few predetermined locations in our awesome local trail network. We then spend a little time at each location, riding and re-riding a specific segment of trail, making small tweaks each run to let you feel out the differences in ride quality, stability, and confidence each adjustment makes. Throughout the session we build a bracketed list of settings and terrain type coupled with your comments on ride-feel and control to provide you with a comprehensive digital setup sheet at the end of the day. If you’re interested in squeezing every last bit of efficiency, control, comfort, and confidence out of your bike, this is the service for you. Bikes purchased from us will receive a 25% discount off the standard DST session price.

Note: To assure we can provide you with our undivided attention for the duration of your setup session, we require an appointment for both Dynamic and Static sessions.